New Delhi – 40th & Chestnut, Philadelphia


New Delhi is my favorite Indian restaurant at home because it has a buffet (and who doesn’t appreciate all-you-can-eat meals?)! New Delhi is actually the oldest Indian restaurant in the city, according to their website.

My family and I have been going here for a very long time and they actually renovated it a few years ago. Previously, the restaurant was stuffy and dark and the walls were a sparkly baby pink. It was hideous, but the food was worth the eye sore. Now, however, the restaurant is sleek and updated. The ceiling has been raised into a really cool zig-zag shape that lets light in from the wall made of windows on the street. The tinted mirrors and silver bar/takeout/kitchen area add to the modern feel.


New Delhi has a lunch buffet, dinner buffet and a la carte options. The lunch buffet is a delicious, cheap ($8.95) and comes with homemade dessert! The hot food bar features a rotating variety ofย  vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are replenished frequently. On my visit they had Chicken Tikka Masala, Mutter Paneer, Navratan Korma, Bhindi Masala and Chicken Wing Pakora. The buffet also features the three staples of any Indian meal (in my opinion): basmati rice, samosas and naan. The rice is delicious enough to be eaten alone, the samosas are the perfect synthesis of a crunchy shell and soft potato filling and the naan is fresh, chewy and irresistible. Load up on those carbs!


The buffet also features a salad bar. It doesn’t really fit in with the cuisine, in my opinion, but I assume it’s catered toward American customers.




A highlight of the lunch and dinner buffet is the included dessert!! Options include ice cream, Kheer (Indian rice pudding), Gulab Jamun (honey milk balls. sounds weird, tastes delicious) and Kulfi (Indian ice cream with nuts and rose water). I always get the mango ice cream because it’s homemade an delicious. It has a great sticky texture and the flavor isn’t overwhelmingly sweet.


Mango Ice Cream

The Gulab Jamun has a wonderful spongy texture and is saturated in super-sweet honey. The small desserts at the end of the meal satisfy the sweet tooth and refresh you after an intense eat-a-thon.


Gulab Jamun

I love New Delhi and will continue to go back, as I have over the past decade. Make sure to bring your student ID for a discount!

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