Crepes Parfait Food Truck


Crepes Parfait is a food truck I’ve only recently noticed on campus. They have a good selection of sweet and savory crepes in both conventional and more unique flavors. Crepes Parfait also serves a soup of the day and hot and cold beverages.


I got a sweet crepe from this truck two days in a row. The first time I got the special, strawberry preserves and melted Belgian chocolate chips ($6.99). It was soooo good! The flavors mixed so well together that I couldn’t tell where the preserves ended and where the chocolate began. It was wonderful and warm and gooey… a bit messy at times but so worth it. The batter was sweetened, so even when you nibbled on the edges (the crepe is served folded into a triangle), you were experiencing the sweet goodness.

IMG_1493On my second visit, I tried an even more unique flavor: lingonberry-caramelΒ ($5.99). I was familiar with lingonberries from my many pilgrimages to Ikea’s cafeteria, where they service their Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce. Lingonberries are kind of like cranberries – they’re small, red, tangy and even bitter at times. The saccharine caramel perfectly balanced out the sourness of the berries. The crunchy almond slices they added was a nice touch too.

During this second visit, the order after mine was somehow finished before mine. I wasn’t in a hurry and didn’t complain, but the man in the truck gave me a free beverage of choice. I was super excited because I had been eyeing the Belgian hot cocoaΒ ($3) on the menu. Unfortunately, the hot cocoa was way too bitter for my taste. However, I thought the gesture was very sweet.


If you want to know where the Crepes Parfait truck is parked, follow them on Twitter.

They are pretty tech savvy and post informational videos about their product. If you don’t know what a crepe is yet, you might want to check out this video:

The folks at Crepes Parfait wrote a blog post about how to start a food truck business. It’s an interesting read if you’re a curious food truck fan and informational if you want to create one yourself.


If Crepes Parfait isn’t on campus when you want them to be, don’t forget about Crepeaway; they’re located at 20th & L, accept GWorld and are open until very late.

CrΓͺpes Parfait on Urbanspoon

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