Killer E.S.P – Old Town Alexandria


Killer E.S.P. gets its name from the three products it serves: espresso, sorbet and pie. Their coffee is provided by Stumptown Coffee, a fair trade Portland-based company. The sorbet and gelato are made in-house, allowing the shop to concoct and serve unique flavors like mascarpone and kiwi sorbetto. The sweet and savory pies are provided by Dangerously Delicious Pies, a DC-based bakery known for its pie truck.



There was also a display of empanadas sitting right next to the register. Even though I had just eaten lunch, I almost caved and got one because the flavors sounded so enticing: chorizo, Jamaican beef, spinach, chicken saltenas and more!

IMG_2343 IMG_2342

I was looking for ice cream when I passed Killer E.S.P. and I definitely chose the right place. I sampled the apricot yogurt gelato and the pear sorbetto and chose the latter ($3.75 for one scoop). The apricot yogurt tasted like its namesake but was a bit too sweet for what I was looking for. It wasn’t overly sweet by normal standards, I was just looking for something lighter and more refreshing. The pear sorbetto had a light flavor and was just what I was looking for.


Pear sorbetto

Although I’m not a coffee drinker, the affogato ($4.75) – 1 scoop of gelato or sobetto drowning in a double espresso – sounds delicious. I’m definitely coming back to try that with a chocolatey- or nutty-flavored gelato.

I loved the ambiance of Killer E.S.P. It was a very artsy, inspiring atmosphere. One wall was a chalkboard covered with Alice in Wonderland-themed illustrations that welcomed you into the cafe. Another wall was plastered with colorful paper money from all over the world.



Artwork cluttered the brick wall of the back seating area, which was occupied by locals working on laptops or relaxing with a cup of coffee. A surfer movie projected onto the back wall, adding to the artsy atmosphere.


A woodsy theme permeated through the outdoor seating area, which was located in a courtyard in the back of Killer E.S.P. From the Adirondack chairs to the raw wood fence and string of lights hanging above customers, the patio felt like an escape from hectic city life that Washingtonians come to Old Town Alexandria to experience.

I definitely plan on coming back to Killer E.S.P. the next time I’m in Alexandria. They offer hearty sweet and savory snacks, warm drinks and a relaxing atmosphere that’s a nice break from the chaos of Washington.

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Closest metro stop: King Street, yellow line

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