Our Family Cafe – Jenkintown, PA


The Smart Sampler

I wish I had heard about Our Family Cafe sooner! My friend Heather (hi!) suggested we go there for brunch to catch up while I was home. Our Family Cafe is a no-frills, family-run restaurant on Jenkintown’s main street, West Avenue. The interior is simple and sparsely decorated with quotes about family and wall hangings from the likes of Home Goods. Underwhelming decor aside, the focus at Our Family Cafe is definitely on the food… and you get a lot of it for brunch for less than $10!


From a menu that offers a variety of options from short stacks to omelets and breakfast sandwiches, I chose the Smart Sampler ($8), an allegedly “healthier” entree with French toast, egg whites (which I substituted with eggs over easy), turkey bacon and fresh tomato slices. I really doubt this meal was much less calorie-heavy than their options because the portions are huge! I got not one, but TWO gargantuan square plates bigger than my hand (see below)!

huge portions!

huge portions!

I ate my meal backwards (as I was always taught that dessert came last) and started with the French toast, which was covered in cinnamon and powdered sugar. I spread the salty, whipped butter that it came with on the toast before finishing it off with syrup. The sweet-salty contrast was nice. I’ve never really had French toast that wasn’t stuffed and super decadent (ie: Founding Farmers in DC), so this French toast was fairly light in comparison. The meal that I initially thought was outrageously-sized became quite reasonably sizedm, as I was able to conquer the whole thing! The eggs and turkey bacon were delicious and the side of tomatoes was refreshing.

I’d definitely come back to Our Family Cafe the next time I’m home to try out their lunch and dinner offerings.

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