Bistrot du Coin – Dupont Circle


Bistrot du Coin is a taste of Paris in the heart of Dupont Circle. The dining area of the restaurant is like a store display in which the diners are the mannequins; passerby stop to admire the attractive-looking people and food in this French microcosm. Diners sit side-by-side in woven chairs at tiny tables, just like the ones that clutter the Parisian sidewalks.


I went to Bistrot du Coin with my family for brunch. Each table had a bottle of rose wine on it, but ours was quickly replaced with a glass bottle of tap water. We were given bread and butter, which were both very average.

I ordered Eggs Benedict ($11.95), which were served with a salad and fries. The poached eggs came on thick slices of ham and toasted English muffins. Much to my dismay, the eggs were drowning in hollandaise sauce and the dish ended up being way too heavy for me.

The sides were great though! The salad was served with a delicious dressing and reminded me of the salad dressing at Paul. The fries were really fresh and distinctly tasted like my mom’s homemade French fries.


My sister ordered the Tartine Parisienne ($12.95 for a large), which was an open face sandwich served with “French ham, bechamel sauce and Swiss gruyere.” When I asked her what she thought of her dish, she said it was “just ham and cheese on bread.” Apparently, we were both underwhelmed.


I really liked the atmosphere of Bistrot du Coin, because I convinced myself that I was actually in France for the duration of my meal. However, the food was very average. The quality and price of the food at Bistrot du Coin is quite comparable to that of Paul, the semi-fast-food/semi-sit-down French cafe that’s been popping up all over D.C.

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