Stix Food Truck


“No fork, no spoon – will make you swoon!” boasts Stix’s website. The food truck’s philosophy is to serve delicious and healthy foods on easy-to-eat skewers.

I ordered a Stix Pak ($10- one meat and two sides served with a baguette slice) with lemon-peppered shrimp, roasted potatoes with aioli dip and spiced pineapple. When the server gave me my order, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a bouquet-like cone of food. If Edible Arrangements did anything but fruit, this is what their meals would look like.


The first skewer came with 5 deliciously roasted and seasoned pieces of shrimp. The lemon taste was subtle but present.

The potato skewer came with about 10 tiny roasted potatoes seasoned with herbs and salt. The aioli dip it came with was a bit bland with the potatoes and was better paired with the shrimp.

The generous pineapple stick was sprinkled with cinnamon, a new but delightful combination. It’s safe to say I’ll never eat pineapple without cinnamon from now on – that’s how good it was!


lemon-peppered shrimp

My food was delicious, but a bit challenging to eat on a park bench while trying to avoid staining my white dress. The meal would have been perfect if I had been given a plate!

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