Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream – Old Town Alexandria




Only one third of the flavors offered at Pop’s

There are many ice cream parlors and froyo shops in Old Town Alexandria, but none has a longer queue of customers waiting for a scoop than Pop’s. This shop at the end of King Street is popular because of its vast and creative ice cream flavor offerings. The 60 flavors available each day range from classics like Chocolate Chip and Rocky Road to unique creations like Banana Split and “The Cavity” -vanilla ice cream with M&Ms, Snickers, Butterfingers and Heath Bar pieces.

The Cavity

The Cavity

Pop’s also serves indulgent sundaes like “The Campfire,” an ice cream interpretation of the classic s’more.



The wait in line at Pop’s passed quickly, probably because I was busy scanning the 3 freezers full of ice cream, trying to decide on which one flavor I would take with me. I ended up going with a scoop of Coconut Cinnamon Crackers (about $3 for one scoop), which had Teddy Graham crackers and cinnamon in coconut ice cream (or perhaps it was just coconut flakes in vanilla ice cream…). I thought the flavor tasted like summer. The coconut reminded me of scented tanning oil and the cinnamon gave the ice cream a sandy texture.

The best part of getting ice cream anywhere in Old Town is being able to enjoy it from a bench on the beautiful waterfront!

Old Town Alexandria waterfront

Old Town Alexandria waterfront


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