Good Stuff Eatery – Capitol Hill

With a name like “Good Stuff,” I had high expectations for this fast food joint. I was expecting it to surpass my on-campus go-to burger places: Burger Tap & Shake and Bobby’s Burger Palace. Unfortunately, the name oversells the products.


I ordered a combo meal that consisted of a burger, snack-sized fries and a mini milkshake. I don’t remember the price of the combo meal, so I’ll just list the individual prices. I got the Good Stuff Melt ($6.98) with a grilled chicken breast instead of beef. It consisted of melted cheddar and muenster cheeses, caramelized onions, mushrooms and Good Stuff Sauce (a combo of mayo, ketchup, molasses and rice vinegar). The burger was much punier than I expected it would be. I’m guessing it was especially tiny because it was a melt, so it may have been pressed like a panini. The bland sandwich was very disappointing overall and did not live up to the hype.

Good Stuff Melt and Fries

Good Stuff Melt and Fries

The fries ($2.39 for a snack size) were disgustingly over-salted. I basically just got a collection of what seemed like the rejected burnt chunks of fries that no one wanted to eat. I had to pick through them to find edible pieces. Despite my scavenging and the “small” portion size, I definitely had enough fries to feed myself and my two friends.

Despite the bad food, Good Stuff Eatery has a good selection of condiments available next to the soda fountain. There were a few types of mayos, including mango mayo, which was a bit like honey mustard and tasted great!

My experience at Good Stuff reminded me of my first and only meal at Shake Shack. I was really excited about it, but then realized that Wendy’s makes a much tastier, less greasy burger for 99 cents. However, just like Shake Shack’s redeeming factor is its frozen custard, Good Stuff Eatery definitely makes quality milkshakes.

I ordered the Red Raspberry and Blueberry Swirl Milkshake ($3.95 for a mini), the July special. It was sooooo good!! The milkshake started out really thick and difficult to drink through a straw, but it became increasingly runny. It was a vanilla shake swirled with raspberry and blueberry sauces and topped with a few berries. Despite its mini size, the milkshake was challenging to get through without feeling nauseous because it was quite heavy. It was difficult to stop sipping though, because it of its deliciousness!

The restaurant itself was busy and irritatingly loud. It was really difficult to hear my friends from across the table. The music, however, was a really good mix of ’80s tunes that got me singing along.

Furthermore, the staff was accommodating because they let me change my milkshake order even after my original shake had already been made. I have to give Good Stuff props for that.

Here’s a brief summary of my thoughts on Good Stuff:

The Good Stuff: milkshakes, condiments/sauces, music, staff

The Bad Stuff: burgers, fries, noisy atmosphere
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