Corner Cafe – Huntingdon Valley, PA

The Corner Cafe is my neighborhood diner. It is complete with a kooky mural, teenage waitstaff with Philadelphia accents, a clientele consisting mostly of senior citizens and of course, quality breakfast and lunch offerings.

Corner Cafe's kooky mural

Corner Cafe’s kooky mural

I’ve had quite a few breakfasts at the Corner Cafe, and they’ve all been consistently good. Diners are great because you can essentially tailor your dish to suit what you’re craving. If you’re in the mood for sweet chocolate chip pancakes, but you need some protein, you can get a side of bacon and eggs. Or if you want something light to accompany your omelet, a fruit cup is always an option. At diners, “no” is never an option.

Holy Cannoli Crepes, Canadian bacon

Holy Cannoli Crepes and Canadian Bacon

During this visit, I ordered the Holy Cannoli Crepes ($8.25) from the specials menu. They were delicious and exceeded my expectations of Corner Cafe. Three crepes were filled with ricotta cheese and melted chocolate. They were topped with more melted chocolate and a dollop of whipped cream. The crepes were thicker than the crepes I’m used to eating, but they were still really good! The gooey filling was amazing! I looooove cannoli (see my review of Mike’s Pastry in Boston for more cannoli goodness) and this was a great adaptation of the dessert in crepe form. The dish also came with a side of meat. I went with Canadian bacon, which was thick, chewy and salty. I would definitely get this dish again.

Huntingdon Valley Omelet and fruit bowl

Huntingdon Valley Omelet

My boyfriend got the Huntingdon Valley Omelet with egg whites ($6.75) and a fruit bowl. The omelet was filled with bacon, peppers, onions and cheddar. My boyfriend, the omelet expert, thought that the flavor was a bit plain and that the dish was more scrambled than it was “omelet-eqsue.” I think the absence of yolk may have contributed to this texture.

Despite the lackluster omelet, I’ve had plenty of great breakfasts at Corner Cafe! The servers are sharp and attentive and the food is consistent in quality.

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