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CapMac – Food Truck

CapMac definitely has a cult following on GW’s campus. When the truck rolls in on Thursdays in front of Gelbucks, a long line forms in front of the cheesy yellow vehicle. CapMac is known for serving up gourmet macaroni dishes that please the palette and remind fans of mom’s cooking.

people waiting in line

A line of loyal CapMac fans wait for their mac and cheese at GW

For my first ever meal from CapMac, I waited in line for a few minutes. When I got to the front and asked for a recommendation, the man taking my order was surprised that it was my first time at the truck. Rest assured CapMac, I will be back.

The day’s menu had three options: Classic CapMac’n Cheese, Chicken Parm Meatballs and MarcoBolo. I went with the Chicken Parm Meatballs ($10), as per Mr. CapMac’s recommendation. The menu gave this illustrious description of my order: chicken meatballs infused with fresh herbs, shallots and parmesan, topped with Vicky’s bechamel, served over cavatappi. It was pretty incredible!!

Chicken parm meatballs

Chicken Parm Meatballs

I was handed a petite brown box, which definitely had enough to satisfy me, despite its small packaging. Although CapMac claims to be the “Capital of Macaroni,” this meal was all about the meatballs. They are definitely the best meatballs I have ever had. They were really soft and chewy, unlike what I’ve learned to expect from meatballs. The sauce was slightly spicy, which was complemented by the piping hot temperature of the food. I also liked the combination of the creamy bechamel sauce with a bit of tomato sauce. The macaroni was a nice complement to the dish, but the meatballs definitely made the meal. This small box of street food tasted better than meals I’ve had at some Italian restaurants.

Fortunately for super fans, CapMac has some cooking videos, showing you how to make some delicious pasta recipes. Check the videos out right here.

You can also track CapMac’s location via their Twitter at @CapMacDC.

Check out a sample CapMac menu below:

menu, classic capitol cheese, chicken parm meatballs,

CapMac’s menu

CapMac on Urbanspoon

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