Sprinkles Cupcakes

Sprinkles’ claim to fame is being the world’s first cupcake bakery. Since opening in Beverly Hills in 2005, Sprinkles has become a national franchise and a well-known brand. The popularity of cupcakes has taken over the country and our TVs. Candace Nelson, founder of the Sprinkles, is a judge on the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.

cupcake displayAs promised, I recently stopped by Sprinkles’ Georgetown location for Straight A Tuesdays, which is a promotion that gets you a free cupcake for bringing in an a paper or exam with an “A” on it.

I went to Sprinkles in the evening, when the selection had waned. The flavors they had left were not ones I would have gotten if I had been paying for my cupcake.

German Chocolate cupcake, sprinkles logo sticker

German Chocolate cupcake

I went with a German Chocolate cupcake ($3.50), which is actually a special flavor available from September 13-29 (so it’s gone now…). This is how Sprinkles describes the flavor:

Sticky stuff may get a bad rap, but Sprinkles German Chocolate cupcakes will leave you licking your fingers for more. The topping on this Southern classic is a rich, golden caramel laced with fresh coconut and crunchy pecans. Piled high atop a light chocolate cake, you’ll proclaim a newfound devotion to all things sticky!

The frosting smelled heavenly, and tasted pretty good too. The cake part, however, was nothing special. I find that the greatest challenge of making a cupcake is making sure the cake isn’t bland. Baked & wired solves this by filling their cupcakes with dulce de leche (like in my favorite cupcake, the Tessita) and other delicious fillings.

Dark chocolate cupcake with Sprinkles logo sticker

Dark Chocolate cupcake

I also had a bite of the Dark Chocolate cupcake ($3.50). It reminded me of a Tastykake without the creamy center. Neither the cake nor the frosting were that special, but my boyfriend disagrees with that statement.

Colorful Sprinkles merchandise lining the interior of the store

Colorful Sprinkles merchandise lining the interior of the store

Sprinkles is really just another cupcake chain, but what they’re great for scoring the occasional free cupcake. Sprinkles does promotions all the time, like Straight A Tuesdays (which was only throughout September, unfortunately). Follow Sprinkles on Twitter at @sprinklesdc or @sprinkles and look out for secret words to “whisper” for free cupcakes or BOGO free deals!

FOOD: 3/5

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