F Street Bistro – Foggy Bottom

F Street Bistro is located in the heart of GW’s campus, along the street that’s home to a majority of our residence halls. The restaurant is tucked away inside the State Plaza Hotel, and is accessible through a romantic garden entrance. F Street Bistro serves fine American cuisine in a classy setting. The dining area is intimate, with low ceilings, few tables and tea light candles at each one. The walls are covered with a warm beige wallpaper, which is decorated with framed flower works done in pastel, in the style of Van Gogh.

Interior of F Street Bistro

Interior of F Street Bistro

My meal started off with the Fried Bistro Calamari ($8), which was drizzled with a spicy and sweet chili sauce. For an appetizer, this dish was absolutely huge. The calamari was quite delicious, but it was in need of a dipping sauce and a lemon wedge to add flavor and zest. The sauce that topped the dish was really good, but I would have liked more of it served on the side. Overall, however, the calamari was great.


Fried Bistro Calamari

The Thai Turkey Dumplings ($8) were another appetizer served with ginger lemongrass sauce. The turkey was definitely a strange twist to this Asian-inspired dish and the sauce was quite strong. The steamed dumplings would have been better with a crispiness to them.

Thai Turkey Dumplings

Thai Turkey Dumplings

For my entree, I ordered the Tagliatelle with Shrimp ($17). To my dismay, the waitress told me that they were out of this dish. Fortunately, they could make it with chicken, but the waitress didn’t suggest this, I had to ask for it. She could have been more accommodating. The pasta and chicken were supposed to be served with asparagus, fava beans, garlic and asiago cheese. I’m pretty sure they gave me peas instead of beans, and there were tomatoes in the dish too. The tomatoes didn’t really fit in well, but overall, the tagliatelle hit the spot. The dish was tasty and really satisfied me.

Tagliatte, chicken, fava beans, asparagus, tomatoes

Tagliatelle with chicken and asparagus

I tried a bite of the Carne Asada, which was essentially steak served with fries and string beans ($15). The medium-cooked steak was flavorful and chewy. It was of good quality overall.

Carne Asada with fries and string beans

Carne Asada with fries and string beans

The Asian Chicken Salad ($13) was enormous! It consisted of thinly-chopped lettuce, carrots, chicken, wonton chips and mandarin orange slices. The salad was served with a ginger soy dressing, which had a unique flavor that was definitely created by spices found in Indian cuisine. I thought the salad could have had more of a crunch (with an addition of cabbage perhaps), but overall it was a yummy dish.

Asian Chicken Salad

Asian Chicken Salad with Ginger Soy Dressing

For dessert, I had the Bread Pudding (about $5.95), which was served with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramel and rum sauce. The dish was great! The pudding was filled with white raisins, which made the pudding really moist. It was also nice and warm (unlike the last bread pudding I had) and the rum sauce gave it an extra kick of spice and warmth. I love this dessert so much because of the contrast of the hot cake part to the cold ice cream. This was a very enjoyable rendition of a classic dessert,

Bread pudding with ice cream, caramel and rum sauce

Bread pudding with ice cream, caramel and rum sauce

I’m usually not too picky about the service at restaurants, but the waitress my party had the night we went to F Street Bistro was pretty unprofessional. First, our waters took forever to come out, and they were all served in different glasses because they had no matching sets left. We had to ask our waitress to refill our waters because she didn’t come around to check on them. The waitress also leaned over me several times to serve dishes instead of walking around the table to put the plates down. My last complaint is that she could’ve suggested replacing the shrimp that were supposed to be in my tagliatelle with another meat when she told me they were out of shrimp. She could have been more accommodating.

Aside from the lackluster service, I enjoyed my visit to F Street Bistro and would come back again because the food is good, the environment is cozy and romantic and the restaurant is so close to me.

Furthermore, F Street Bistro often leaves flyers with coupons (20% off your check/BOGO Entree 1/2 off) around campus. The back of this flyer includes a “student menu,” which has prices lower than those that I paid on my first visit, so make sure you get this menu when you go (if you’re a student). I will definitely take advantage of this the next time. Along with the student menu, there are also weekly specials for students, featuring meals for under $10. See below for their selection.

Monday Burger Night, Burgers $6; Taco Tuesdays, Fish Taco with Rice $6; Mac Daddy Wednesdays, Classic Mac & Cheese $6, Tequila Thurdays, Chicken Tequila Cream Pasta $7; Pre Game Fridays, Calamari or Chicken Tenders $6

Weekly Student Specials Menu

FOOD: 4.5/5
service: 2.5/5

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