BTR Philly: Paris Baguette Café

I have finally tried the cronut, and it was flaky, sweet and delicious! The cronut is a hybrid between a croissant and donut. They are made of same puff pastry that croissants are made of, but they are shaped like donuts and often filled with a flavorful cream. Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC pioneered the cronut. It did so well there that getting in to the bakery was nearly impossible. Since then, cronuts have begun appearing in local bakeries all around the country.

The glorious cronut

The glorious cronut

The first cronut I saw in real life was at Paris Baguette Café, located at H-Mart in Elkins Park. I had to try it. Although this cronut looked delicious, I had low expectations because neither croissants nor donuts have blown me away individually. However, their love child was quite tasty.


Paris Baguette Café’s version of the cronut was called the “Croissant Donut.” A poster above the pastry commanded me to “discover the dessert that’s taking over Manhattan.” It described this “half crossaint & half doughnut” as consisting of “glazed thin layers of flaky croissant nestled with soft cream inside.” The poster also features a rave review calling the croissant donut “decadent and yummy!”

Paris Baguette Café’s Croissant Donut ($3.50) was nothing short of perfect. The cronut was flaky and sprinkled with sugar, so when I bit into it, it was slightly crunchy. It was just the right amount of greasy. The vanilla cream in the center was delicious; there was an ample amount of it, and it tasted fresh and quite vanilla-y. I’m not a fan of lemon flavor in my food, so I wasn’t excited about the lemon glaze on top of the cronut, but there was only a small amount of it, so it did not take away from my cronut experience. All in all, I loved my first cronut and I hope that I’ll find a place that makes ones as good in DC.

The chic interior of Paris Baguette Café

The chic interior of Paris Baguette Café

Paris Baguette Café has more to offer than just cronuts. They have an assortment of beautifully decorated cakes, creative pastries and unusual breads that I’d love to try. Feast your eyes on these photos!

A Cappuccino Cake shaped like a coffee cupA Cappuccino Cake shaped like a decadent cup of the drink.

Cream Brie CheesecakeA beautiful Cream Brie Cheesecake shaped like a wheel of brie.

Green Tea CakeGreen Tea Chiffon Cake decorated with macarons.

breadPumpkin and Black Sesame Bread

IMG_6521The Montblanc Pastry: chestnut cream in a pastry boat

Romance CakeThe Romance Cake: proving that the way to a girl’s heart is through chocolate

Coffee DanishCoffee Danish

Honey Sweet Potato CakeHoney Sweet Potato Cake

FOOD: 5/5

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