SUNdeVICH – Shaw


Globally inspired sandwiches

Globally inspired sandwiches


SUNdeVICH is a sandwich shop hidden in an alleyway garage in Shaw, just next to the Convention Center. It is quite a gem and should not be missed. The shop sells sandwiches inspired by every corner of the world; each sandwich is named after a foreign city. From Athens to Seoul, SUNdeVICH is like a mini vacation within DC. I’m really into restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines because that means you and your friends don’t have to settle on just one if people are in the mood for different things.

I got the Seoul ($11), which was filled with bulgogi beef, kimchi, Asian slaw, greens and garlic mayo. This was truthfully one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. I’m not the biggest fan of sandwiches in general because they’re usually not a hot food, and I think that warm foods are the most filling. However, this was my favorite Korean food stuffed between a fluffy, soft baguette. I have no complaints! I highly recommend this sandwich.

Seoul Sandwich

Seoul Sandwich

The shop itself is quite cute. Sunlight pours in from the floor to ceiling garage window in the back. Plants and terrariums sit on shelves in front of the kitchen counter. There are a few tables across from the purchase counter that were filled with customers on my visit.


Sandwich in progress

The lunch rush

The lunch rush

These signs will steer you in the direction of SUNdeVICH from 9th Street.

These signs will steer you in the direction of SUNdeVICH from 9th Street.

Along with lunch sandwiches, SUNdeVICH also serves salads, all-day breakfast sandwiches and an assortment of international sides. If you’re in the neighborhood, check out SUNdeVICH.

FOOD: 5/5

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