9 Life-Changing Hacks From a Starbucks Barista

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9 Best Starbucks Hacks from a Barista

It’s finals time, so every Starbucks around campus is even more crowded than usual (Gelbucks, I’m talking about you). We spoke with a Starbucks barista on the condition of anonymity to get the scoop on hacks and secrets you may not know about your favorite coffee shop.

1. Venti-sized drinks have only two espresso shots, just like grande drinks, so you’re just paying more for water or milk.

Starbucks Hacks From a Barista - Starbucks Sizes Paul Rudd Role Models Starcbucks

2. Contrary to popular belief, blonde roast coffee is more caffeinated than dark roast. This is because the coffee bean isn’t roasted as long, so it doesn’t lose as much caffeine.

Starbucks Hacks from a Barista - Blonde Roast Caffeine


3. Save your cup and bring it back for a 50 cent refill on coffee or tea. Technically this rule applies only if you haven’t left Starbucks within 2 hours. however, our barista tells us that this rule is not enforced. Just don’t be stupid. if you show up as soon as Starbucks opens and ask for a refill, that’s pushing it.

Starbucks Hacks From a Barista - Coffee Refill Meme

2. Coffee frappuccinos are made with powdered coffee.

Starbucks Hacks from a Barista - Powder Coffee Frappuccino

5. Yes, you can order “secret flavors.” No, baristas don’t appreciate it when you call them by their made-up names. Don’t ask for a cotton candy frappuccino, instead, tell the barista what you want in your drink. 

Starbucks Hacks From a Barista - Starbucks Secret Menu Meme

6. Starbucks has two secret sizes: trenta and short. The trenta (31 oz.) is larger than than the venti and is only for iced drinks. The short (8 oz.) is the tall cup’s little sister. Short cups aren’t advertised on the menu but are available and cost less.

Starbucks Hacks From a Barista Starbucks Secret Sizes Short Trenta

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7. Short drinks are the same size as kids-sized drinks. The only difference is that kids’ drinks are prepared at a lower temperature to prevent burns.

Starbucks Hacks From a Barista Starbucks Short Size Kids Size

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8. All of the pastries served at Starbucks are frozen. No food is made in-store. However, the chain will soon be selling lunch foods such as mac and cheese, roast beef sandwiches and tomato soup.

Starbucks Hacks from a Barista - New Starbucks Food Menu

We also found this helpful Starbucks hack online:

9. Save some money on iced lattes and make your own “Poor Man’s Latte.” Order an espresso over ice in a large cup and fill the rest of the cup with milk from the condiment stand.

Starbucks Hacks From a Barista Poor Man's Latte

Photo from Lazy Cookie

We hope these tips help you get through your papers and all-night cramming. Good luck on finals GW!

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