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Better Than Ramen was featured on TheBesty, a site that lets you rank your favorite restaurants around the world.

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Ana is a Philadelphia native (by way of Serbia) who is currently attending George Washington University in D.C. This lovely gal loves food—in fact she’ll be the first to admit it if anyone asks. However, going off to college, she experienced some of the familiar, unfortunate culinary dilemmas that most students must all experience. Among these edible mishaps, is perhaps the most desperate of student foods—ramen. In order to go beyond the salty noodle, as well as her rather unimpressive school eatery, Ana decided to beyond her own campus and check out what the great city of Washington, D.C. has to offer. In order to document and report back on all of her delicious D.C. dining adventures, the curious student created an online hub of all of her culinary experiences in the form of an awesome blog called Better Than Ramen. Ana soon realized that dining out isn’t just a great way to actually get some tastier (and more often than not) healthier options that the more “traditional” student culinary options, but it’s likewise a fantastic way to spend time with friends and explore the city as well. Thanks to this attitude, the blogger has made her way through a wide array of fabulous D.C. eateries, all of which are profiled and reviewed on the site, with insightful tips and mouth-watering photographs. More recently, the blog has grown to include posts from great restaurants outside of the D.C. area as well, including Seattle and College Park, MD, for example. It is needless to say that Ana is your go to girl when it comes to skipping the ramen and getting some truly great grub, as a student or not. We should probably point out that her culinary venture has indeed been a success, and that, in fact, Ana is proud to admit that she’s only had to make ramen a handful of times. Be sure to check out this great foodie blog!

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