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campus fresh

This popular eatery serves up delicious smoothies, raw juices, soft serve, acai bowls and fresh eats to GW students in need of a post-workout (or mid-Gelman) pick-me-up. Although Campus Fresh’s slogan is “Fighting Freshman 15 Since 2004,” its strategic location at the gym means that I can’t leave HelWell without a smoothie. Hence, while I’ve managed to burn 300 calories on the elliptical, I’m getting it all back because I can’t leave the gym without rewarding myself with a smoothie! I’m sure most of you who have been to Campus Fresh understand my struggle.

Disclaimer: my review of Campus Fresh may be biased because I mostly eat there post-workout, when I’m famished, so it’s possible that this state makes everything seem tasty. Just saying.


The smoothies at Campus Fresh are amazing. They are fruity, sweet and refreshing! The smoothie menu is split up into a few categories: Classic Smoothies, Protein Smoothies, Boosted Smoothies (with additives like multivitmans, “energy boost” and “trim boost”), Green Smoothies and Acai Smoothies.

I tend to get Classic Smoothies (Jr $4.50/Rg $5.50/Lg $6.50), which are just tasty and not really trying to be healthy. One of my favorites is Mango Mania, which is made with peach juice, mangoes, bananas and non-fat mango sorbet. This smoothie just has the perfect flavor and consistency. Until recently, they had Guava Breeze, which was basically Mango Mania, but with guava juice. It didn’t make it onto the new menu, but I’m sure that even the smoothies I haven’t tried are good. You can’t really go wrong when mixing yummy fruits, juices and sorbets.

I was reluctant to try any of the Protein Smoothies (Jr $4.95/Rg $5.95/Lg $6.95) until recently because I thought the whey or soy they add would give the smoothie a strange taste. I’ve now had both the Power Smoothie (cranberry juice, bananas, non-fat raspberry sorbet, non-fat vanilla frozen yogurt and protein) and the Big Kahuna (peach juice, peaches, bananas, non-fat mango sorbet, non-fat vanilla frozen yogurt and protein) and I can testify that the flavor of the protein is hardly noticeable. The Power Smoothie is better, but each smoothie has 20 grams of protein in it, so they’re all worth it!

ACAI BOWLScampus fresh

I’ve also tried an Acai Bowl, which is basically just an acai smoothie served in a bowl with various toppings. They’re pretty tasty, but kind of pricy ($6.95) for a snack.


From the Fresh Eats menu, I’ve had the Spinach Pesto Panini ($7.95), which consists of sliced turkey, spinach, pesto, tomatoes and cheddar on ciabatta. The flavors work really well together and paired with a smoothie, the sandwich makes a satisfying post-workout meal.


campus freshThe newest addition to Campus Fresh’s menu is Chloe’s Soft Serve, a three-ingredient frozen treat that will blow your mind!! It’s reeeeally good. The soft serve is made from fruit (the flavor changes weekly), water and a “touch” of organic cane sugar. Campus Fresh gives out samples, so I would definitely recommend trying it! I usually don’t like banana-flavored things, but the banana soft serve was amazing because it was actually made from real bananas (as opposed to the fake flavored crap I’m used to).

You can get the soft serve in a cup with three toppings (Jr $4/Lg $6), or in a smoothie form made with OJ, soy milk, almond milk or coconut and three blend-ins ($5). I got a cup of strawberry soft serve with bananas, Oreos and granola. The snack was heavenly! Chloe’s Soft Serve tastes like real fruit and is made with simple ingredients, which is why it’s so good.

Another thing I love about Campus Fresh is that my efforts to scan my Belly card every time I visit aren’t futile! Unlike some places which require a ridiculous amount of points to get a worthwhile prize or discount, Campus Fresh offers you 50% off of a regular smoothie with 25 points (or 5 visits) on your Belly card. The only catch is that they have to apply a banana stamp on your forehead, but the cashiers tend to forgo this step (and if they insist, rest assured that the stamp wipes off easily). Indeed, I have taken crazy steps to get my fill of Campus Fresh smoothies.


FOOD: 5/5


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