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DC Ballers – Food Truck Review

DC Ballers Food Truck Review

A new day, a new food truck. In front of the place I’m interning this summer, food trucks start lining up as early as 9 a.m. I get a great view of the day’s trucks from my office, so I’m always excited to try a new one once lunchtime rolls around.

dc ballers food truck review

Today I tried DC Ballers, a falafel and fries truck that also serves hummus and salads. I got an order of falafel ($4.50), an Israeli salad ($4) and a ginger mint lemonade ($2.50).

I got 5 pieces of falafel and Tahini sauce. The falafel was crunchy and brown on the outside, and soft and bright green (fresh!) on the inside. It was tasty, but not the best falafel I’ve had; my favorite thus far is from Roti.

The Israeli salad consisted of diced tomatoes and cucumbers served with parsley and a lemon mint dressing. It was light and refreshing – perfect for the first day of summer – but I would have liked some salt in it because it was a bit bland.

The ginger mint lemonade was so good!!! The ginger added a spicy kick to the drink, while the mint had a cooling effect to counterbalance. It was pleasantly sweet. This drink really reminded me of Bangkok Joe’s ginger-lemon iced tea, which is also a must-try.

DC Ballers Food Truck Review

Overall, DC Ballers presented me with a tasty, refreshing and relatively healthy lunch. I’d go back the next time I’m craving falafel.

Check out the menu below to see what else DC Ballers offers.

dc ballers food truck review

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