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BTR Boston: G Bar & Kitchen – Swampscott

g bar kitchen review

I had the pleasure of spending my 4th of July holiday at my friend’s home on Boston’s North Shore (shout out to Marblehead)! This post will be the first of a few restaurants from the Boston area.

My friends and I were treated (thanks Stacey!) to a wonderful girls’ night at G Bar & Kitchen in Swampscott, a seaside town located just a few minutes outside of Boston. I was told that the restaurant was “fancy schmancy,” so I had high expectations.

“G,” as it’s simply referred to, is the perfect place for date night. The restaurant has less than ten tables, creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere. The walls are decorated with crimson brocade panels. Beautiful glass chandeliers resembling tasteful versions of the Bellagio’s ceiling in Vegas hang from the ceiling and walls, giving the dining room a dim glow.

g bar kitchen review

Our meal started off with a warm piece of bread served with a minced olive spread. I usually shy away from olives because their intense flavor is too much to handle, BUT this spread was so good! I wish we’d gotten more than one slice of bread each, because I would’ve happily had more of the olive spread.

g bar kitchen review

Honey Truffle Salad

Next we split the Honey Truffle Salad (about $10 – I didn’t write down the prices and they aren’t on G’s website, so prices are my best guess). The salad was made of three greens, including spinach, cucumbers, goat cheese and a honey lemon truffle dressing. The dressing had a very pungent smell that gave the salad the illusion of having a garlicky flavor. I really had to search to find the cucumber and cheese bits; the salad was in need of more toppings! The salad was a bit disappointing.

g bar kitchen review

Spicy Linguini and Bacon

For my entree, I decided to go with the Spicy Linguini and Bacon (about $18). I usually always stay away from spicy foods because my mouth just can’t handle them. Against my better judgement, I ordered the dish, deciding to ignore the word “spicy” in its name. I thought there would just be a kick of heat. I was very wrong. From the hot peppers to the crushed pepper flakes sprinkled over the dish, everything about the pasta was spicy! I tried eating only the sweet roasted peppers, but I couldn’t tell them apart from the hot peppers. So, with my mouth on fire, I focused on the linguini and the bacon. The pasta itself was cooked to al dente perfection and could’ve been homemade. The bacon was cut into thick chunks and had a smoky flavor. The bottom line is, if you’re a lover of spicy foods, this dish is perfect for you. If not, stay away, because it’s hot!

g bar kitchen review

Tuna with Crispy Wasabi Risotto and Asian Greens

My friend Sophie (who has a great blog documenting her cooking adventures), got the Tuna dish (about $25) , which looked incredible! The fish was served on top of a bed of bok choy and a crisy wasabi risotto patty. It was all drizzled with a lemon-garlic aioli. Sophie says it was “fantastic!”

g bar kitchen review

I sampled the Chicken dish, which was served with Spring Vegetable Risotto (about $23). The chicken breast had a really crispy skin. The risotto soaked up the “sherry pan jus” (aka gravy!). The asparagus bits added a nice crunch to the risotto. My friend who I was visiting (hi Em!) says that this dish is “always good.”

g bar kitchen review


My friend who ordered the Gnocchi (about $18) only had good things to say about it. The red sauce was “flawless” and the gnocchi was so soft that she claimed it almost melted in her mouth. Yum!

g bar kitchen review

Mushroom Truffle Ravioli

Another friend ordered the Mushroom Truffle Ravioli (about $18). The buttery texture of the creamy filling was amazing!

g bar kitchen review

Chocolate Bread Pudding

The girls and I split the Bread Pudding (about $8) for dessert. Bread pudding is one of my absolute favorite desserts (I even made it myself once!), so I was very excited. The chef prepared us chocolate bread pudding. It tasted like a dark chocolate brownie and was topped with sweet whipped cream. It wasn’t the best bread pudding I’ve had, but it was a good end to the gourmet meal.

Even though I couldn’t handle the heat of my spicy linguini, I enjoyed my dining experience at G. I recommend it for a romantic date night or an upscale GNO!

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