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GBD: Fried Chicken and Fresh Doughnuts – Dupont

gbd dupont review

Doughnuts are the new cupcakes in DC. Boutique doughnut stores like GBD and Astro Doughnuts will soon replace Georgetown Cupcakes and Baked & Wired in their monopoly over the DC sweet treat scene.

gbd dupont review

GBD, which stands for Golden Brown Delicious, actually just opened last Friday and has been drawing hype for a while. I went there with my friend Rachel right after a concert last week. Little did we know, the restaurant turns into a bar at night so we almost weren’t able to get in (#under21problems), but we were able to convince the “bouncer” to admit us by telling him we walked all the way from Chinatown (which we did). We just wanted doughnuts!

gbd dupont review

By the time we got there, they only had one doughnut option left: tres leches. To my surprise, my plate came with an extra doughnut! The waiter said the chef had prepared them and they were on the house. So I tried a tres leches doughnut and a butterscotch doughnut with strawberry glaze. Tres leches is Spanish for “three milks,” which the doughnut is soaked in. The doughnut was pretty moist and topped with coconut flakes. The butterscotch doughnut was drier than the tres leches and also had a distinct lemon taste… despite supposedly being strawberry flavored. I wasn’t a fan of the second doughnut.

gbd dupont review

Tres leches doughnut (L) and butterscotch doughnut with strawberry glaze (R)

So it turned out that our doughnuts were on the house (!!!), probably because it was their first night of being open late and because we weren’t even supposed to be in there because of our youth. I must be honest though, despite the fancy names of the flavors, the doughnuts weren’t too special. Unlike cupcakes, which are satisfyingly sweet, the doughnuts were a bit bland.

gbd dupont reviewI also wanted to mention that I came back a second time during the evening hours with a big group of people and they wouldn’t let us eat in because most of us were under 21. So, if you’re under 21 and want to have their fried chicken or fish and chips for dinner, like I wanted, you’re out of luck. We were bummed and went to Krispy Kreme across the street, which was super cheap (about $1.20 for a specialty doughnut) and comparable in quality.

So while I appreciated the free doughnuts I got the first night, the doughnuts weren’t spectacular and I was annoyed that they wouldn’t let me eat in the second night because I was under 21! It’s just a doughnut shop! What if Dunkin’ Donuts discriminated against its customers based on their age?!

I also don’t quite understand where this fried chicken and doughnut trend came from. Both GBD and Astro Doughnuts (which I will visit soon) serve both almost exclusively.

GBD Fried Chicken and Fresh Doughnuts 

1323 Connecticut Ave. NW (Dupont Circle)
Washington, DC 20036

(202) 524-5210


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