Cooking Lessons From Guy Fieri

guy fieri cooking lesson

I’ve spent many evenings with Guy Fieri on my TV, but I recently had him cook for me. Okay, he cooked for me and a thousand other people. And I didn’t eat any of the food, but he taught me and his other fans how to make several dishes at a cooking demonstration at Metro Cooking DC.

If you’re unfamiliar with Guy Fieri, he’s the blonde, spiky-haired host of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, a show that takes viewers to quirky, low-key restaurants all around the country. Guy features real places, run by real people making real food in a time when hardly anything is made from scratch anymore.

guy fieri cooking lesson

Chef and TV host, or former NYSNC member?

Because Guy spends most of the time talking and tasting food on Triple D, I never really considered his cooking skills. I also didn’t think watching someone cook on a stage could be interesting. However, I was proven wrong, because Guy Fieri turned out to be a rockstar on that convention center stage. The stuffed pork cutlets and bananas foster milkshake he made weren’t nearly as interesting as the advice and stories he had to share. Below are memorable tips and quotes from Guy’s cooking demonstration (a.k.a. performance).

Guy on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Guy’s requirements for restaurants he features on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: character, a story and real food.

Guy and his team read health inspection records while researching restaurants for the show.

Guy on Cooking

Guy says “food is a common denominator of all people.

He recommends choosing one type of salt and using it consistently because salt varieties vary in sodium content. He suggests putting a teaspoon of salt in your hand and learning what it looks like so you don’t have to measure it for every recipe.

Guy suggests investing in whole spices for maximum flavor. Pre-ground spices go bad after one year, but that gallon of peppercorn will last you much, much longer.

Mr. Fieri calls chicken stock “liquid Switzerland” because, like Switzerland, it “plays well with everybody.”

Guy on better food and sustainability

“We have to go back to farm-to-table.

Guy supports shopping at local farmers’ markets and says we should think about our carbon footprints. Shopping locally means that our food travels less and is therefore fresher and requires less fuel to transport, emitting less harmful gases into the atmosphere.

“Take the foods you don’t like and learn how to make them.”

Guy thinks we should get kids involved in the kitchen. They’ll take pride in the food they make and will therefore be more willing to try new things.

Fun facts about Guy

Guy’s least favorite food is beef liver. He’s also not a fan of eggs, or breakfast in general.

“I was the only guy in home ec because I wanted to meet girls.”

You can call him Dr. Fieri. Guy has an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

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