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Ice Cream Jubilee – Navy Yard

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Ice Cream Jubilee Review

I recently wrote about Ice Cream Jubilee in my DC Ice Cream Guide. Now I’m going to tell you if it’s any good. SPOILER ALERT: it’s very good. ice cream jubilee review

Ice Cream Jubilee recently opened up in the Navy Yard neighborhood. Despite its infamy for last year’s tragic shooting, Navy Yard has gone from a neighborhood that only buzzed when the Nats were in town, to an up-and-coming residential area. Navy Yard is home to many of the newest members of DC’s lively food scene.

Ice Cream Jubilee prides itself on the use of natural cream and the best ingredients around. This attention to quality really comes through in the ice cream.

ice cream jubilee review honey lemon lavender ice cream navy yard

Honey Lemon Lavender Ice Cream in Yards Park

I ordered a scoop of Honey Lemon Lavender (about $3 for one scoop) ice cream and it was wonderful. I would typically expect this kind of flavor to come in sorbet form, but it was just as refreshing and light as an ice cream. I could taste each of the three flavors in every spoonful of ice cream. The lemon and the lavender flavor are apparent at first, and then the honey flavor reveals itself at the end of each lick as a sweet aftertaste. None of the flavors were too strong or overwhelming. Most of the time, decadent ice creams are really heavy and you can’t handle more than a few spoonfuls. Ice Cream Jubilee, however, has mastered the art of balance.

Before deciding on my ice cream, I sampled the Caramel Popcorn ice cream. Somehow, it tasted exactly as the name implied, but without the overwhelming heaviness of the caramel flavor you typically find in the snack. There was no actual popcorn in the ice cream, so the consistency was smooth. I liked that the ice cream was white because it indicated to me that it was more natural than Ben and Jerry’s, for example.

ice cream jubilee menu

Ice Cream Jubilee’s menu

Ice Cream Jubilee had tons of delicious-sounding flavors, such as Blueberry Pie, Fresh Mint, Mango Habanero ice creams and Gin & Tonic and Coconut Lychee Lime sorbets. I will definitely be back to try some more out.

ice cream jubilee review serving sizes scoops

Ice cream serving sizes

The shop had a few cute touches I admired, like the use of limes to represent the scoop sizes, and putting out sprinkles and waffle cone pieces for customers to add to their ice cream free of charge.

ice cream jubilee review toppings

Ice Cream Jubilee’s free toppings sit by the cash register

The Bottom Line:

Now that you have my blessing, grab a scoop or two from Ice Cream Jubilee and explore the Navy Yard neighborhood.

Ice Cream: 5/5

Ice Cream Jubilee

301 Water St SE (Navy Yard)
Washington, DC 20003

(202) 863-0727


Ice Cream Jubilee reviewice cream jubilee review ice cream jubilee review ice cream jubilee review

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