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BTR Belgrade: Moritz Eis

I discovered Moritz Eis while strolling through Belgrade. I thought the name sounded familiar but couldn’t remember why. I thought it was some kind of luxury car brand. When I got closer and saw that it was an ice cream shop, I realized I had seen it on Trip Advisor’s list of top restaurants in Belgrade. Although I had just had ice cream, I had to go in and check it out.

moritz eis review belgrade

The store is small and modernly decorated. The interior and exterior are painted white. The ice cream cups and cones are used as decoration inside. It’s simple yet chic. There are no seats inside, but there is an outdoor seating area that continues this chic white motif.

moritz eis review belgrade

We were pleasantly greeted by a young woman working at the counter. The employees are known as “Moritz Eis Experts” and wear white outfits with white caps. The look is very professional; they take their ice cream seriously!

moritz eis review belgrade

The very pleasant Moritz Eis Expert

We found out that Moritz Eis isn’t a franchise but was opened in Belgrade by an Austrian. The foreign influence is apparent in the excellent customer service we got that was uncharacteristic of Serbian people. They must pay their Experts well because unlike most people in retail in Serbia, the Expert didn’t make us feel like she wanted us out of her shop as soon as possible. We told her that we had just had ice cream and would come back, but she persistently insisted that we try several free samples, a concept that is unheard of in Serbia. This could actually be the best customer service I’ve experienced anywhere in the world. Keep up the good work Moritz Eis!

moritz eis review belgrade

Raspberry sorbet and Strawberry Aronia sorbet

After about three samples each between my mom, sister and me, we bought two scoops of sorbet. We got Raspberry and Strawberry Aronia (250 RSD, or just under $3). They were very refreshing and flavorful. Aronia is chokeberry in English. It’s a little red berry that has a tangy taste. Although aronia is native to North America, I have only ever seen it in desserts in Serbia. It didn’t alter the flavor of the strawberry too much, but added to the refreshing factor. The raspberry sorbet was full of flavor.

moritz eis review belgrade

Unique flavors at Moritz Eis

Moritz Eis has some really unique flavors that change on a day-to-day basis. I tried rice-and-cinnamon ice cream, as well as a banana-cinnamon flavor (I was very into cinnamon that day). The rice and cinnamon was less unusual than I expected. It was kind of like a frozen rice pudding.

The hazelnut ice cream was absolutely delicious. If you’ve never had hazelnut ice cream, it’s essentially Nutella ice cream. This particular hazelnut ice cream had a more sophisticated taste than Nutella. It wasn’t as overly sweet as Nutella, but the texture was as creamy and as sticky as Nutella. I highly recommend it.

I also sampled an unusual sorbet called strawberry balsamic. It tastes exactly how it sounds, as if you took the strawberries out of your salad and blended them with your balsamic vinaigrette. The vinegar gave the sorbet a tangy, acidic flavor.

The day I was there, they also had chocolate mint, mascarpone with cherries, peanut-caramel-stracciatella (stracciatella is a ice cream with chocolate flakes in it) and black currant. Browsing their Facebook page, I’ve seen that they’ve also had lemon-basilolive oilwhite chocolate with candied ginger and dark chocolate rum and raisins ice creams in the past. Yum! I will definitely be back to try as many of these interesting flavors as I can.

Moritz Eis has a few locations around Belgrade now. This is the address of the one I went to:

Vuka Karadžića 9
11000 Beograd
Mon – Sun: 10 a.m. – midnight

Phone: 065 554 44 55

Check out the rest of my pictures from my trip to Moritz Eis below!

moritz eis review belgrade

moritz eis review belgrade

The outdoor seating area and the scenery behind it


The price list converts to about $1.75 for 1 scoop, $2.90 for 2 scoops, $3.88 for 3 scoops, $10 for 0.5 kg, $20 for 1 kg and $28 for 1.5 kg of ice cream

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