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BTR Philly: Taqueria Feliz – Manayunk

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Taqueria Feliz

The Story

Taqueria Feliz is part of the Feliz Restaurants family, which also owns La Calaca Feliz and Cantina Feliz in the Philadelphia region. I had previously been to Cantina Feliz in Fort Washington for their happy hour (their white sangria is delicious), but this was my first time at Taqueria Feliz in Manayunk. 

taqueria feliz review facade

If you’ve been to Philadelphia but haven’t been to Manayunk, I highly recommend going. Manayunk is a Philly neighborhood located along the Schyukill River. Manayunk has small-town charm with an industrial vibe. Main Street is home to an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars, bakeries, and boutiques. The Schyukill River Trail, which runs through Manayunk, attracts many joggers and cyclists. On beautiful weekend days, I like to run by the Schyukill River on Kelly Drive, and then drive to Manayunk for lunch. While I admit I’ve actually only done this once, in an ideal world, I would do it more often.

The Ambiance

Walking down Manayunk’s Main Street, it’s hard to miss Taqueria Feliz’s colorful exterior. Once you see the electric blue facade, emoji yellow door, and glaring pink neon sign you have reached the “happy taqueria.”

The color scheme continues inside. Taqueria Feliz puts a tasteful twist on tacky Mexican decor. While you won’t find chili pepper string lights or sombreros here, you will see star pendant lights and painted bull skulls. I loved the pops of color created by the blue, pink, and yellow tables, and the beautiful oil cloths in traditional Mexican prints that upholster the booths. The look made me feel nostalgic for my sophomore year dorm room, which I lovingly adorned with star lanterns, patterned curtains, and an oil cloth bulletin board. 

During warmer seasons, the restaurant’s glass walls open up to Main Street. You can still feel like you are part of the hustle and bustle of Manayunk during your meal.

taqueria feliz review interior

The Food

We started with the Guacamole ($8.95), which I can never resist ordering at a Mexican restaurant. While guacamole tends to be pricy and I try to eat on a budget, I can justify guacamole because it’s filling (which means I can take half of my entree home) and it usually comes with unlimited tortilla chips! Guac is a win-win in my opinion. Taqueria Feliz’s guacamole had a distinctly limey flavor and a slightly spicy kick. Yum. As promised, the guac came with endless tortilla chips and chipotle morita salsa. The salsa had a rich and smoky tomato and corn flavor. The tortilla chips were excellent. They were salted the perfect amount, were slightly greasy, and had hints of lime flavor throughout.  They reminded me of Chipotle’s tortilla chips, which I treat myself to everyone once in a while (although not since the e. coli incident…)

taqueria feliz review chips and guac fish tacos chicken tinga tacos

Did you really think I was going to wait for my entree to come out to finish my guacamole?

For my entree, I ordered the Fish Tacos Ensenada Style ($13.95) on flour tortillas. I was a bit worried that the serving size – two tacos – wouldn’t be enough, but my worries dissolved as soon as I saw the dish. Each tortilla was topped with a large fish fillet. I ended up having to take one home because I had filled up on free refills of the tortilla chips. Taqueria Feliz may have the best fish tacos I have ever had. The tilapia was coated in a layer of tempura so crispy, that it crunched with every bite. The inside of the fish was tender, which balanced out the crunchiness. While the health conscious can forego the tempura batter and have their tilapia grilled, the crunchy batter is worth that extra time on the treadmill. The tilapia came on a bed of zesty cole slaw and avocado, and was topped with a sweet, smoky, and spicy chipotle sauce that I really enjoyed. The fish tacos were outstanding. You have to get them if you go to Taqueria Feliz. 

I also sampled the Chicken Tinga ($9.95), which consisted of chicken stewed in chipotle sauce, topped with with pickled red cabbage, avocado, queso fresca, and crema, and served on three corn tortillas. The cabbage had somewhat of a cinnamony flavor, which was subtle but tasty. Unlike my flour tortillas, the corn tortillas in this dish became soggy. Overall, I wasn’t blown away by the chicken tinga, but my boyfriend, who had ordered the dish, was pleased with it. 

taqueria feliz review chicken tinga tacos

Chicken Tinga Tacos

The Service

The service at Taqueria Feliz was great. Our waitress was pleasant and attentive. She refilled our water — and more importantly our chips — quickly and often. 

The Bottom Line:

Food: 4.5/5

Ambiance: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Taqueria Feliz

4410 Main St. (Manyunk)
Philadelphia, PA 19127

(267) 331-5874

Taqueria Feliz review

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