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Tasty Kabob Food Truck Review

Tasty Kabob Food Truck Review

Tasty Kabob is one of the best food trucks in DC! They serve delicious halal chicken, lamb and veggies. It is consistently good and high quality! The truck gets high praise from my fellow GW Colonials. Whenever Tasty Kabob is parked on campus, a long line of hungry college students gathers in front of it.

I order the Chicken & Rice Platter with a side of Chickpeas ($10 – pictured above) every time and it’s always delicious!

The chicken is bright red like Indian tandoori chicken. Whereas I have sometimes found tandoori chicken to be a bit dry, Tasty Kabob’s is consistently succulent. It is served on a bed of long grain rice and is topped with a sauce of your choice of spiciness. I get the mild sauce, which I believe is tzatziki sauce or something similar. The bottom line is that this chicken is amazing and really difficult to put down even when you think you couldn’t possibly fit anymore in your stomach!

The chickpeas are incredible as well! I could eat them all day! They come piping hot and have a soft, potatoey taste and texture (which is great in my book because I LOVE potatoes). Just as a side note for when the truck isn’t around, Sacrificial Lamb, a kabob place in Dupont, has equally excellent chickpeas!

The chicken and rice plate also comes with a side salad consisting of lettuce, tomatoes and onions, topped with your sauce of choice. The salad is always fresh and crunchy; it’s a much-needed refresher from an otherwise heavy meal.

Tasty Kabob Food Truck Review


There are actually 3 Tasty Kabob trucks that circulate around the District. Their location schedule can be found on the Tasty Kabob website. You can also follow their Twitter @TastyKabob to find where the trucks are parked and to learn about any daily specials.


Tasty Kabob Food Truck Review

Payment: Cash and credit accepted

Tasty Kabob Food Truck Review

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