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8 Reasons Why Whole Foods Has DC’s Best Happy Hour

whole foods foggy bottom wine down wednesday happy hour red wine cheese

8 Reasons Why Whole Foods Has DC’s Best Happy Hour

whole foods foggy bottom wine down wednesday happy hour

Wine Down Wednesday is a happy hour-esque event at Whole Foods Foggy Bottom (2201 I St. NW) held on Wednesdays from 5-7 p.m. The concept is simple. You show up, pay $5 and get a wine glass and a menu. You continue to the lower level of the store and get a food sample and wine pairing at each one of the five stations set up for the event. The event is awesome. Here’s why.

1. You get to keep your swanky  Whole Foods Foggy Bottom wine glass. If you’re a college kid, congratulations – you’ve started your very first wine glass collection!

2. Wine Down Wednesday (WDW) will only cost you $3 every time you bring back your wine glass to reuse after your first visit. It’s good for the environment, and your wallet.

3. You get a glass and a half of wine for only $3. You can’t get food and drinks for that price at any other happy hour. You get roughly 2 oz. of wine at each station (and sometimes more if they’re not using the measuring wine spout), which is about a glass and a half of wine total.

3. It’s a great opportunity to develop your wine palate. Those frat parties you’re attending surely don’t serve anything as sophisticated as wine. At WDW, you’ll learn that moscato tastes like candy and red wine tastes like gasoline what types of wines you like and which ones you should avoid. It’s an educational experience. Whole Foods serves a variety of wines at WDW. You can have red wine, sangria, white wine and moscato all in one night. Learn more about developing your palate here.

whole foods foggy bottom wine down wednesday happy hour infographic

Wine 101 | Infographic from

4. The food is pretty good. Wine may be the focus of WDW, but that doesn’t mean the food menu isn’t important. The Whole Foods team does a good job of creating a thematic menu each week featuring 5 courses. One week, they served staff favorites like mac and cheese, a fruity summer salad, taquitos and chocolate cake. The food is good, but the portions are tiny. My only other complaint is that week that they served the all-vegan menu. This omnivore was not pleased. Other than that anomaly, the food is worthwhile and you learn which foods go best with which wines – a skill that is an important part of becoming a classy, cultured adult.

whole foods foggy bottom wine down wednesday happy hour menu

Wine Down Wednesday’s changing weekly happy hour menu

5. It’s a good time to unwind and bond with friends. WDW is a weekly tradition for me and my girlfriends. We come together at Whole Foods ritualistically to chat, gossip and wine and dine in the aisles. No one can say that they can’t afford this activity or don’t have time for it because it’s literally only $3 and it’s location is so close that it doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. That leads me into reason #6…

6. If you’re a GW student, Whole Foods Foggy Bottom is very conveniently located. Chances are, you had lunch at Whole Foods a few hours ago. You don’t need to make plans far in advance or stress over transportation, because WDW is probably three blocks max away from you.

7. Learning to balance your wine glass and food plate on Whole Foods’ displays is a fun and challenging game. 


For some reason, it never crossed the minds of whoever is in charge of WDW that people may need some tables to put their food on. Therefore, Wine Downers must engage in an exciting game called “Where should I put my stuff?” It’s kind of like planking, but involves balancing your glass and plate on wheels of cheese, the frozen shrimp freezer, lemonade displays and the ionized water filling station…

whole foods foggy bottom wine down wednesday happy hour planking

Be creative and you could have plenty of fun photos for Instagram…

whole foods foggy bottom wine down wednesday happy hour food cheese red wine

#winedownwednesday #WDW #wholefoods #happy hour #wine #cheese #classy #tipsy #drunk #hammered

If you’re lucky, you’ll be at WDW at the same time as the woman who wears a wine glass holder around her neck. You should plan on investing in one too because you’ll probably become a regular.

whole foods foggy bottom wine down wednesday happy hour wine holster

whole foods foggy bottom wine down wednesday happy hour wine holster

8. You will get to know Whole Foods really, really well. While finding makeshift “tables” in the aisles of Whole Foods, you will begin to discover products you never knew existed. You’ll never need to shop at Forever 21 once your discover the hippie, vegan clothes, shoes and jewelry that Whole Foods sells. While you’re at it, don’t forget to try some of their overpriced, natural makeup, stock up on organic tampons and pick up some soy candles and bath salts for your next girls’ night. Apparently, Whole Foods needs to re-brand themselves as Whole Life, because they’re about so much more than just kombucha and organic almond butter.

Now you know why you need to go to Wine Down Wednesday at Whole Foods Foggy Bottom. Alas, Whole Foods isn’t paying me to promote them (I’d love to be making $$$ off of this), so all of these opinions are my own unbiased ones.


Whole Foods Foggy Bottom

2201 I St NW (Foggy Bottom)

Washington, DC 20037

(202) 296-1660

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