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Wicked Waffle – Golden Triangle

wicked waffle dc review

Move over Crepeaway… Wicked Waffle is my new sweet-and/or-savory obsession! Wicked Waffle does not make ordinary waffles: “no butter, no syrup” is their motto. They stick to their European roots and treat the 235-calorie waffles like versatile breads perfect for topping with Nutella or creating unbelievable sandwiches. The best part is, everything in the store costs less than $10!

The menu offers waffles on the whole sweet-savory spectrum. The  waffle sandwich options include classics like the Grilled Cheese Waffle ($5.95) and more gourmet creations like the Savory Nova ($8.75), which comes with smoked salmon, onions, capers, cream cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Wicked Waffle also serves breakfast sandwiches until 11 a.m.

I was skeptical about the Mango & Brie Sandwich ($8.75), but after one bite, I was a believer! YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST TRY IT! The mango and brie were accompanied by cilantro and spicy berry jam. The combination was heavenly. The sandwich had an ambiguous flavor only in the sense that it was neither sweet nor savory. It was however, completely delicious.

wicked waffle dc review

Mango and Brie waffle sandwich (Photo Credit: Wicked Waffle)

I got myself a Nutella Waffle with Ice Cream ($7.45 pictured up top), which was not on the menu, but I just asked for a scoop of ice cream atop a Nutella waffle.. I watched the Waffle Master himself, standing behind towers of gigantic Nutella jars, pour the batter onto the waffle press for this masterpiece. It was exactly what I was in the mood for.

wicked waffle dc review

Watching my waffle being prepared in front of my eyes

Along with sweet waffles topped with sugar, Nutella and/or fruits, Wicked Waffle’s menu also has a separate “desserts” section. It features more sweet waffles a la mode, and Waffle Pudding ($3.95) stuffed with dried fruits and drizzled with strawberry sauce. As a bread pudding fanatic, I must try this on my next visit!

wicked waffle dc review

EDIT: I went back once for lunch since I originally published this post. This time I got the Natural Smoked Turkey & French Brie Sandwich ($8). It came with mustard, lettuce and tomatoes. I really liked it but I thought it could have been benefitted from some toasting to make the brie melt. Waffle paninis? Yes please. 

wicked waffle dc review

Turkey & Brie Sandwich

The Bottom Line:

Food: 4/5

Wicked Waffle

1712 Eye St NW (Golden Triangle)

Washington, DC 20006

(202) 944-2700


 wicked waffle dc review

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    I can’t believe I passed by this place and didn’t go in. Definitely have to go back and try it.

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